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Predictive Dialers

We sell both hosted or premise Based Predictive Dialer Systems.  A predictive dialer is an automated dialing system designed to initiate a large volume of outbound calls from a user defined call list. It passes only the answered calls to available phone agents. Using predictive dialing algorithms, the system automatically places an appropriate number of outbound dials designed to minimize the time between answered calls (wait time) and maximize your leads. Since the phone agents do not have to manually dial numbers, listen to no answers, busy signals, telephone company recordings and answering machines, their talk time and productivity dramatically increases. The dialers are easy to use, reliable and 100% FTC/FCC compliant.

Our Hosted/Cloud Based Predictive Dialer is easy-to-use, easy-to-setup, and has a robust feature/functionality toolset that rivals even the most expensive premise based systems. We can have you up and running in a matter of hours. All your agents need is a reliable broadband internet connection and they can login and take calls from anywhere in the world:

Hosted Predictive Dialer Diagram

100% Fully FCC/FTC Compliant! Inbound/Outbound Capability!
Built-In Digital Call Recording! Transfer Calls to Other Phones!
Remote Agent Capability! PBX Integration!
Caller ID By Campaign! FTC DNC Lead Scrubber!

This is a True Predictive Dialer that can substantially increase productivity by intelligently screening out answering machines, voicemail, busy signals, operator intercepts, and incomplete calls. Calls are only forwarded to your agents when a live voice answers. It is extremely easy to operate and provides outstanding reporting, flexibility and scalabilty/expandibility options.


Call Progress Detection


Eliminates all non-productive calls, including busy signals, no answers, answering machines, etc. . before they reach an agent.  The agent seamlessly moves from one ready call to another without having to stop and dial or choose the next call. 


Digital Call Recording


Record every phone conversation and easily lookup the call you want to listen to from your PC.


Inbound/Outbound Capability


Your Agents can make Outbound calls and receive Inbound calls while logged into the system.


Caller ID by Campaign


Utilizing T1 PRI Circuits you can define the outgoing Caller Id by Campaign giving your business unlimited flexibility.


Leave Pre-Recorded Messages


Pre-Recorded Messages can be left on Answering Machines or your agents can decide to leave a message with the press of a button.


Transfer Calls to Other Phones


Agents can immediately transfer calls to any phone number just by pressing a button (e.g., Transfer to a Verifier, Loan Officer, etc..)


Remote Agent


Agents can login from anywhere using broadband Internet copnnection and work the same as your local agents. Perfect for Telecommuting Agents and/or Remote Office locations.


PBX Integration


While the predictive dialer is considered a standalone phone system, we can evaluate your current PBX or telphone system and integrate it's funtionality with the Predictive Dialer.


Database/CRM Integration


We can integrate client screens to interact via web interface into any existing CRM, application and/or database utlizing customized relational database programming solutions


Multi-Number Dialing


Increase the probability of establishing contact using multi-number dialing, allowing you to define secondary phone numbers for each call record


Automate Order Entry Tasks


Eliminate the need for unreadable paper forms and Data Entry clerks by having agents take orders via web based forms.


Built-In Appointment Scheduler


A built-in Appointment Scheduler makes this the perfect application for Mortgage Companies and Home Improvement rooms.


Instantaneous Call Connection


We can connect your agents with a call in the 1st 1/50th of a second from the time the system detects a live voice, so there’s no call lapse or ?dead-air? when the recipient answers.   




If you're worried about FTC Do Not Call List legislation it can handle ALL requirements (e.g., Adjustable Drop Call Parameters, Do Not Call list database, Pre-Recorded Abandoned Call Messages..)   


HTML Scripting/Appointment


Agents can view scripts, gather data and field rebuttals from a web browser interface using the latest in objection/rebuttal scripting. Agents can click on the appropriate objections and receive the correct responses.  Scripts are extremely easy to change and customize. Appointment Scheduling features are easy to use and provide CRM functionality. 

Multiple Campaigns

Ability to run multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Each campaign is a targeted call list based on criteria such as zip codes, products, demographics, etc.


 System is very easy to expand along with your organization.  Just add Dialogic Hardware and Agent Licenses. Dialogic hardware is widely available and supported.  


Predictive Dialing



The system’s built-in sophisticated algorithms control the pace of dialing based on factors such as campaign assignment, agent wait time and drop rate. 


Feature Rich



  • Create, set up, and reassign campaigns/projects and calling lists
  • Modify or change scripts on the fly
  • Import lists and dial at the same time
  • View all stations connected to the dialer system as well as their current activities in real-time, (i.e. connected, paused, and available)·       
  • Monitor what each agent is saying with a hand held cordless device
  • Run informative real-time reports of each agents and campaign's activities
  • Easily Lookup and Update status of records
  • Control & Monitor the activities of the dialer anywhere from the network or any off-site location.



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